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Inauguration of the IBM Quantum System One in Quebec

On September 22, the inauguration of the IBM Quantum System One in Quebec marked a historic event as the fourth system of this kind in the world and the first in all of Canada.


DECEMBER 1, 2023

PINQ² gives its customers the opportunity, via the IBM cloud, to access Heron, the most efficient quantum processor in the world!

Our partner IBM announced the release of the first IBM Quantum System with a Heron quantum processor, the 133-qubit IBM_torino.

Building on Osprey's innovations in signal transmission, Heron delivers the performance of an Egret on the scale of an Eagle.

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We have a unique offering that brings together the following three technological solutions.

Traditional HPC (High-Performance Computing) involves combining the power of several thousand processors to perform complex calculations and data processing in real time. A classic computer uses bits, which can take the value 0 or 1, to manipulate information.

Quantum computers exploit the properties of quantum physics to perform calculations that are impossible or time-consuming to perform with a classical computer. A quantum computer uses qubits, which can be simultaneously in the values 0 and 1, and in all intermediate values. This multiplies the number of calculations possible at the same time.

Hybrid computing combines the advantages of HPC and quantum computing, using algorithms that can run on both types of machine. The aim is to benefit from the speed and precision of HPC and the power of quantum computing.

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PINQ² serving Startups

Startups : Benefit from access to our HPC offerings at competitive rates, supported by in-kind benefits from our partners.


PINQ² serving SMEs

SMEs : PINQ² supports you in your proofs of concepts and allows you to benefit from all the advantages of its network of industrial, academic and financial partners.


PINQ² serving Large companies

Industry : PINQ² gives you access to highly advanced, industry standard technologies. Be part of a global research group and access the laboratories of our major technological partners.


PINQ² serving Universities

University : PINQ² can support you in collaborations between industry and academia to develop quantum research and education, or address highly advanced artificial intelligence topics.

Our services

PINQ², a unique formula tailored to your needs and relying on

A high-performance computing infrastructure

  • Classical and Quantum
  • Aligned with industry standards
  • Secure
  • Sovereign
  • Environmentally friendly

Support from a team of experts

  • A team of program managers and technology product managers
  • Defining your roadmap
  • Support in your training journey
  • Advice in financing files

A tailor-made offer

  • Affordable and scalable over time
  • Three progressive formulas
    – Discovery
    - Innovation
    - Advantage

A network of partners

  • Academics
  • Industrial
  • Financial

With this approach, PINQ² helps companies assess how digital and quantum technologies can improve their existing processes.


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Discover the inauguration of the IBM Quantum System One in Quebec.


Our partners

We are building a network of experts and industrial, academic and financial partners to accelerate the full digital and quantum potential of our clients.

Our engagement

Sustainable development

Eco-responsible data center and carbon footprint monitoring.

Our data center is located in the former convent of the Gray Nuns of Mont-Ste-Famille, in the Estrie region, at Humano.

Eco-friendly data center

An innovative project was set up by Humano to recover the heat generated by our high-performance computing center aimed at heating surrounding homes by capturing the heat emitted by our equipment, thus demonstrating our commitment to our energy transition and innovation environmental.

Carbon footprint

In partnership with Exaion, we will have the privilege of benefiting from new technology allowing our customers and partners to monitor their carbon footprint associated with their calculations in real time.

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