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Investing in infrastructure alone is not enough!


We need to be able to have multi-disciplinary teams of academic and industrial experts located all over the world, working hand in hand to build proofs of concept, and support companies so that they understand the potential and constraints, and can assess use cases and commercial opportunities.


Quantum hybrid computing

Our market segments

PINQ² offers companies a simple, fluid experience for assessing the potential of digital and quantum technologies and innovations in their existing processes, with a focus on specific sectors:



Manufacturing industry


Sustainable development


A link between industrial and academic circles

Collaboration between academies and industries

We support companies, SMEs and start-ups by helping them de-risk their digital transformation while supporting their innovations.

For this we favor the collaboration between industrial and academic circles (universities, scientists, CÉGEPS, CCTT) as well as the training of tomorrow's talents.

IBM Quantum System One

Discovery accelerator

PINQ² is currently the only entity to offer access to an IBM Quantum System One located in Canada, and PINQ² positions Quebec as the only other place in the world, outside the USA, to be committed to an IBM Discovery Accelerator combined with its own high-performance computing infrastructure and a quantum computer fully dedicated to industrial research and innovation.

“Quantum computing is accelerating at a rapid pace. This is largely due to a growing global ecosystem that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Jay Gambetta, vice president of IBM Quantum. “Our partnership with PINQ² to deploy an IBM Quantum System One in Quebec, Canada, marks an important milestone in quantum technological and scientific progress, and enables the region's strong culture of innovation and talent to help push back frontiers of the potential of quantum computing. »


Our projects

Global Task Force on Sustainable Development

As part of the PINQ² partnership and IBM are establishing a global research center for quantum solutions around sustainable development issues in Quebec.

Quebec will host a world-class quantum working group dedicated to the search for solutions on sustainable development.

This working group will be supported by the valuable contribution of founding partners in this area, namely Hydro-Québec and the University of Sherbrooke.

“In the context of the ongoing energy and digital transitions, the energy sector now has needs for ever more efficient calculations for research and development or the implementation of various applications, and these needs will grow significantly over the over the next few years, added Christian Bélanger, Senior Director, Research and Innovation, Hydro-Québec. As a research center already hard at work facing the challenges of the energy transition, we are convinced that quantum technologies like that of PINQ² offer promising prospects for the future and significant sources of value in terms of technological solutions. and energy for Hydro-Québec. We of course intend to explore and exploit their potential as these technologies mature. »

Our members can contribute to this global research center.


Our projects

The Center of Excellence in Hybrid Quantum Software Engineering

Collaboration Center allowing the pooling of resources and knowledge from key partnerships, democratizing quantum using, as much as possible, current software engineering standards.

PINQ² created the first Center of Excellence in hybrid quantum software engineering, which aims to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies by democratizing access for companies and researchers to PINQ² infrastructures.

The Center of Excellence will support an engaged quantum software community by facilitating dynamic use, creation and collaboration, while establishing best practices in software engineering.

With a view to the democratization of the quantum universe, the Center of Excellence will develop into a platform offering training possibilities, collaborative work with universities and industrialists, as well as the development of algorithms in free source code (open source).

PINQ² is setting up a multidisciplinary team to accelerate the development of quantum business solutions through the Center of Excellence in Hybrid Quantum Software Engineering.

Indeed, the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), as the first partner of this initiative, provides this community with a team of researchers who are collaborating on the democratization of good practices in quantum software.


Our projects

First quantum curriculum

One of PINQ²'s priorities is to find and attract talent to be able to support companies, transfer know-how to them and prepare for future demand.

PINQ² has surrounded itself internally with scientific skills in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and quantum cryptography to support and equip Quebec companies to train their own development force to absorb this new technological breakthrough.

Thanks to these internal skills and these choice partners, PINQ² is deploying on its platform a first curriculum dedicated to professionals and available to PINQ² clients.

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Our projects

Bellevue, an eco-responsible data center nominated for OCTAS 2024

Exaion and PINQ² are revolutionizing the data center industry with an avant-garde data center in the heart of a Quebec heritage jewel: the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Family in Sherbrooke.

This project, carried out for Humano District, transforms the gymnasium of the historic building into an innovative “digital boiler”, where the waste heat from the servers is converted into heating for the surrounding homes.  be committed to our energy transition and environmental innovation.

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